Home Funerals

All Solace Eco-Friendly Funeral Services take place in the comfort of your choice whether it be in your home, a place of worship,
any setting you feel best celebrates the life of your Loved One. 

When choosing to keep your loved one at home...

Day 1
A licensed professional will arrive at your home and assist with the washing, blessing, and dressing of your loved one as well as, laying your Loved One in state.  You may choose to have him/her lie in state wherever you prefer in your home. Your family may choose as much involvement and control over this process as you are comfortable with.

                                                                         Saying goodbye for now...                            
Day 2                                                                                                        
A licensed professional will arrive and care for your Loved Ones professional needs, and answer any questions you may have. This is the day you may choose to have a visitation, vigil, wake, or rosary in your home. The early part of the day will give the family time to prepare for guest and community support. You will select a visitation time that is good for your family, (all day, morning, afternoon, or evening), just as you would at the funeral home.

Day 3
A licensed professional will arrive at your home and assist with the final day of services. Assisting with; casketing or shrouding your Loved One, transporting to any facility, church, and/or graveside for the service. You may prefer to have the final service at your home. If cremation is the disposition of choice we will bring your Loved One into our care and prepare to schedule the cremation.
A licensed professional will arrive daily to assure the optimum temperature of your loved one is maintained when embalming has not been authorized.

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