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Memorial Stationery

Passages’ attractive and dignified memorial stationery items are crafted by hand from renewable resources. The sustainable processes include ancient paper making techniques used to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind stationery pieces that honor your desire for sustainability. Each memorial stationery item that we produce is unlike any other funeral stationery in both design and sustainability

Floral Memorial Stationery Set

This memorial set includes everything needed for a funeral chapel, church or home memorial service. The floral theme that runs though the core of this design, features actual fresh flowers that are painstakingly added to the stationery items by hand.

Fern Memorial Stationery Set

This memorial set includes all of the same pieces as the Floral set (above). It tends to appeal to a more masculine client as it features an embossed fern symbol in the paper of most items in the set.

Original Pink Memorial Stationery

The Passages Collection of Original Pink Memorial Stationery is a unique assortment of non-traditional memorial stationery items. Each piece is crafted by hand from renewable paper produced in a sustainable manner.

Keepsakes and Remembrances

Keepsakes and Remembrances are a way to create a special memorial to your “loved one” with tangible and personalized mementos. These items let families create lasting memories, for themselves and to share with others. As more families look to create personalized rituals, keepsakes and remembrances help them add warm individual touches that honor their loved one’s memory.

Passages® Sentimental Connections Jewelry

Your “loved ones” cremated remains or hair is used to fashion handmade mementos as unique as the individual. Through an encapsulation process that produces a smooth, granite-like finish, we create exquisite jewelry, stylish photo frames and memorial plaques.

Blooming Remembrances

Blooming Remembrances™ are handmade, die-cut paper ornaments crafted from recycled paper that is inlaid with fresh flower petals and wildflower seeds. When planted and watered, the ornament blooms into wildflowers, creating a living memorial to your “loved one”.

Mini Cards and Bookmarks

If you are looking for something to easy and affordable for a large community memorial or tribute, blooming remembrances are perfect. Personalized with your “loved ones” name, the card or bookmark keeps the “life lived” blooming for years to come.

Brass Keepsakes

Permanent keepsakes provide you with the opportunity to retain a portion of your “loved ones” cremated remains. They are a perfect complement to any biodegradable or scattering urn.

Please let us help you create a tribute that will be as unique as your “special loved one”.

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