Environmentally Responsible Caskets    

Choose a casket as unique as Austin that reflects the religious traditions and aesthetic values of your family. Pecan and cypress wood is sustainably harvested in Texas, Louisiana and southern states.  Our upholstery fabric fibers are a hemp / silk blend filled with cotton.  Square headed assembly pegs in a contrasting color accent early Twentieth Century Arts and Crafts movement joinery.

Dimensions: 25” W, 14” H Lengths 72”, 78” and 82”
Upholstery: White, Ecru, Black, Plum, Bronze, Seafoam blue

The Cloud Loft

Pecan Casket $2195

Cypress Casket $1695

Many people say they want to be buried in a "pine box."
The joinery accents of the Sonnet casket reflect the traditions of the Arts and Crafts movement of the early Twentieth Century.  There are no metal fasteners. No finish or stain is applied to the wood.
We use biodegradable glue. We do not produce caskets on Saturday. (Kosher)

Dimensions: 25” W, 15” H   Lengths 72”, 78” and 82”


The Sonnet

Contrasting Square Headed Pegs Add $25 Eco Casket $695
Cotton Mattress Add $85 Pine Casket $795
Hemp / Silk Chemeuse Mattress Cover Add $85 Cypress Casket $995
Cotton Pillow Add $45 Pecan Casket $1295
Hemp / Silk Chemeuse Pillow Cover Add $45
Option Package (Square Pegs, Mattress & Pillow) $200

Upholstery: White, Ecru, Black, Plum, Bronze, Seafoam Blue

Solace Eco-Friendly Funeral Services cares about the economic and environmental impact of funeral service so, we have obtained special pricing from Austin Natural Caskets and passed the savings on to you.

Austin Natural Caskets are the finest locally made caskets available. When someone you love has died, you want to honor their life, their contribution to their community, and celebrate what their life meant to you.

Feeling overwhelmed with choices?  Solace Eco-Friendly Funeral Services and Austin Natural Caskets has come together to keep you in control of your ceremony, making your final gift of love more meaningful. Wise choices now will help you find closure and feel better after everyone has gone home.

Austin Natural Caskets offers environmentally responsible caskets that reflects the traditions and aesthetic values of your family. They also give back by employing at risk youth to make their caskets. Purchase one of  their caskets and you will be supporting the Austin community and creating a legacy of environmental responsibility.

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