Full Body Donation

Solace Eco-Friendly Funeral Services pairs with Genlife Institute to provide no cost full body donations.

For as many years as there are records, the study of the human body for research and education has been a critical component of medical innovation throughout the world.
Physicians, researchers and educators share stories each day with the GenLife Institute team that reinforce this fact. There is no substitute for the human body and the most beneficial studies are done with human tissue.

“Without donated tissue, we would be utilizing plastic mannequins or computer generated training programs which do not remotely compare to the realistic training opportunity provided with human tissue”

-Dennis K. Wentz, MD, Former Director of Continuing Professional Development at the American Medical Association

Choosing whole-body donation is a decision that each individual must make after careful consideration. It is a decision that should be shared with those they know and love.

Please go to: www.GenlifeInstitute.com to find out more about full body donation.

Solace Eco-Friendly Funeral Services seeks to provide comfort in a time of sorrow that will live on in the lives of many for generations to come.
We understand donation is not for everyone, but did you know in some cases, you can donate and still have an eco-friendly funeral service with the body present. In every case, you have the option of  having the sacred cremated remains returned to the disposition of your choice.
We are available to help you through this process at-need or in advance. Please call us if you are considering organ, tissue, bone or full body donation.

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