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Mission Statement

We promise to provide:

  • Sacred care and support of your loved one, you, your family, community,                            and our green earth.
  • Outstanding professionalism and compassion.
  • Landmark leadership and guidance during this difficult time, to help you keep your Loved      One at home, should you choose, until the final disposition of your choice.
  • Assurance that your final gift of love will live on in the hearts and lives of many,                    for generations to come.
  • Comfort in a time of sorrow that will facilitate emotional healing through the family’s              participation in saying “good bye” for now.
  • Empowering families with options to be as environmentally friendly as they choose, while      securing the sacredness of the occasion and keeping the cost affordable.

What is an Eco-Friendly Funeral?

Comfort in a time of sorrow that allows us to remain stewards to our environment.  

A Traditional services can still give back to Mother Earth.

 Professionals are standing ready to provide as little or as much as you require.
We have no plans or packages that bind you into things you do not desire.

We allow you to keep control of  your loved one, should you choose. You have as much involvement as you are comfortable with.
We will also assist with Veteran Burial arrangements and honors request using the National Veterans Administration Cemetery System.

Our vision and passion is to bring Funeral Service into the 21st Century,
by making what was old, green again.

We practice the "Halo Effect".
We partner with other local businesses to complete your services, when needed. Such as, partnering with your place of worship and others, community event centers, catering  services, local florist, and limousine services should you desire these type accommodations.  

If you do not require them, you have not paid an overhead for their availability.
Supporting the "Halo Effect" creates a strong vibrant sustainable community.
Supporting local keeps our overhead low as we pass the savings on to you.

As a Community We Are Uniquely Austin, Uniquely Sustainable.

For more information please feel free to come by and visit us,
Call Now, we are waiting to hear from you.
Solace Eco-Friendly Funeral Services
1508 W. Koenig Lane
Austin, TX 78756
(512) 294-1499

Saying "good bye"__ for now...



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