Official Website of Solace Eco-Friendly Funeral Services

Official Website of Solace Eco-Friendly Funeral Services

A Full Service Funeral Home & Casket Store.  Austin's Natural Affordable Choice for End of Life Care.

We empower and educate to help keep cost affordable and services sacred.
We will help facilitate;
  • Traditional Funeral Services
  • Home Funerals
  • Family Led Services
  • Green Burials 
  • Cremation Services
  • Casket Sales and Delivery
  • Offering Sustainable Biodegradable Caskets Urns and Shrouds
  • Guidance in Determining Burial on Your Land
  • Servicing the Entire State of Texas
  • We are Committed to Providing Dignified Compassionate Funeral and Cremation Services
  • Available 24/7 to Meet All Your Funeral Service Needs



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